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PT Marel Sukses Pratama

Informasi Perusahaan
  • Alamat

    JL. Baru Mulungan Gondang Penen RT.05 / RW.28 Sendangdadi, Mlati Sleman, Yogyakarta

  • Telepon

    +62274 867208

  • Skala Perusahaan

    100 - 200 Karyawan

  • Gaya Berpakaian

    Bebas Berkemeja

  • Waktu Bekerja

    Sabtu atau Memerlukan Shift

Profil Perusahaan

Marel Sukses Pratama, PT is located at Yogyakarta, Central of Java, Indonesia. It only needs 1 hour trip from Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia by aeroplane. With both socks and embroidery production lines, we offer to customers one stop socks production service. The company produces a wide range of sport, formal and fashion socks. The company currently employs in excess of 200 people, working in the production facilities. With a huge experienced management team and local workforce with proven capability in all production areas, we see continued growth to come for many years, hence our management decide to look for new business partners. It would be our pleasure to welcome and build a mutually beneficial business relationship with your great brand from all around the world.

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